Willie Nelson, Madonna, Bob Dylan, Jay Z, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Carl Sagan, Seth MacFarlane, Cheech and Chong.

I bet you can guess one thing that each of these individuals has in common. They’re all highly creative, right? And they smoke pot. While hardly exemplifying the bleary-eyed, coach loafing, stoner stereotype, they’ve also ushered in extraordinarily creative social contributions.

This means smokers had a higher ability to pull together various ideas to form a single optimum solution. Think “foot”, “high” and “cheese.” Pot smokers were more likely to come up with “ball” to tie the terms together. Granted, if we look at these tests from another perspective — the effect of openness to experience— the tests results don’t necessarily stand. Cannabis users’ openness to experience may be what is responsible for their superior creative talents.

Recently a friend told me, “Pot makes me a better person.” I knew what he meant. Pot opens our minds to alternate ideas and perspectives. Pot creates greater sensitivity and creative insight, and such tools that bring us together in fellowship are desperately needed in our overly linear and strangely divisive lives.

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