You probably already know that cannabis is a psychoactive drug, particularly the dried flowers of one of three species of Cannabis plants. Even though it’s illegal on the federal level in the United States, it takes the cake as the most popular drug across the nation.

While cannabis certainly has, in fact, become more normalized over the past two decades in the United States thanks to a rash of state-level cannabis legalization and decriminalization acts across some 33 states, the use of cannabis is definitely not a fad or a trend.

People first started using the cannabis plant about 10,000 years ago. Much of its use came as hemp, the long, strong fibers found in the long stalks of cannabis plants. Easy to grow and more versatile than arguably any other agricultural endeavor, cannabis spread throughout the world and became a mainstay in humans’ lives.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways in which cannabis use is most beneficial to people: physical health, emotional wellness, and relationships.

Emotional Wellness

Cannabis has been shown to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. However, its chronic use can also result in dual diagnosis disorders, which are mental health issues that arrive alongside substance abuse, rearing their ugly heads. As long as it’s used responsibly and you consider it to be generally helpful to your life, you can reap the benefit of emotional wellness from using cannabis.

Further, responsible cannabis use of strains that work well for users on a case-by-case basis can also improve their emotional states as a result of treating their other symptoms with cannabis. For example, someone who experiences chronic pain that begins taking cannabis to alleviate their pain is likely to experience positive emotions as a result of starting the use of cannabis as a medicine.


Assume the two halves of a married couple arrive at their shared home following a long days’ worth of work for both of them. Since they’re both likely stressed out, they’re not as likely to be as warm and receptive to one another as if they had not just worked all day long.

Cannabis isn’t the end-all, be-all for unhealthy relationships – it might not help anything, at all – though it is an effective way to blow off steam. The couple will likely get along with each other better after one or both of them consume cannabis, in turn reducing stress levels, thereby making it easier to get along with one another.

Physical Health

Some neurological conditions cause users to shake violently without being able to control themselves, making it difficult to drink liquids or do anything, really. Cannabis can calm the malfunctioning areas of the brain that cause such tremors in people with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, for example.

People suffering from eating problems can get their nutrition back on track with cannabis, as it is infamously known for “the munchies,” a side effect whereby users get notoriously hungry.

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